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Foot Bones by Leonardo da Vinci Poster

Get a poster of this vintage Renaissance Era fine art science painting featuring drawings of several skeletons of the human foot. Skeletal feet and ankle images including the bones and joints of the foot. A great design for anyone in the podiatry or medical field or a just science geek. To quote Leonardo da Vinci – “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” The sketch is from one of Leonardo da Vinci’s many journals. Leonardo kept a series of journals in which he wrote almost daily, as well as separate notes and sheets of observations, comments and plans which were left to various pupils and were later bound. Many of the journals have survived to illustrate Leonardo’s studies, discoveries and inventions and have been made into posters.

Imagine this poster in a podiatry office!

Available in all sizes on several different paper types!

Buy the Foot Bones poster by Leonardo daVinci here:

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